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Calcium carbide furnace exhaust gas purification CO device successfully put into operation


Recently, Xinjiang Tianye Group's 50,000 t/y ethylene glycol project for the synthesis of calcium carbide furnace exhaust gas was formally put into operation. The Beijing PetroChina Pioneer Science and Technology Co., Ltd. designed and constructed the carbon monoxide furnace exhaust gas purification carbon monoxide device and the pressure swing adsorption hydrogen production device for the first time. Success, product gas CO scale is 6000Nm3/h (purity 99%), H2 volume is 16000Nm3/h (purity 99.9%). This marks the first time that the key technologies for separating and purifying CO from the comprehensive utilization of calcium carbide furnace exhaust gas in China have successfully achieved large-scale industrialization applications. It is an innovative achievement of the calcium carbide industry in China in its efforts to implement the comprehensive utilization of tail gas energy and the development of recycling economy, and it has enabled low-carbon production and high efficiency for the calcium carbide industry. New ways to generate income and new ways.

In the initial stage of the project, Peking University Pioneer set up a project team, equipped with meticulous professional technology and management personnel to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth development of the project. After several months of hard work, the project was put into operation on schedule and passed the acceptance test. All the technical indicators were better than the design indicators, achieving a one-time drive success. As of mid-March 2013, the production of the project has been operating stably for more than 70 days, and the purity of the ethylene glycol product has exceeded the national standard for excellent products.

About 70% to 90% of CO in the tail gas of calcium carbide furnace is an extremely valuable resource recognized by the industry. However, because of its complex composition, it is difficult to purify and purify, which has caused great obstacles to the efficient use of tail gas from calcium carbide furnaces. After years of research, Peking University successfully developed a highly efficient CO adsorbent loaded with Cu (No. PU-1), successfully separating N2, CH4 and other impurities from CO in the feed gas. Based on the highly efficient Cu-based adsorbent PU-1, the pressure swing adsorption CO separation technology pioneered by Peking University Pioneer Co., Ltd. has achieved low-cost, large-scale separation of high-purity carbon monoxide (up to 99.9% purity and yield >80%). It is applied to the Xinjiang Tianye calcium carbide furnace tail gas synthesis 50,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project. It has completed the world's first large-scale industrialization device that uses pressure swing adsorption technology to purify CO from calcium carbide furnace tail gas and successfully solved the long-term troubles in the calcium carbide industry. Exhaust gas comprehensive utilization problems.

In recent years, China's pressure swing adsorption has developed into a fairly mature and stable technology. Continuous optimization of the process plan and high-quality and high-efficiency project construction have become the preferred process for gas separation in various fields. Practice shows that the application of pressure swing adsorption in the calcium carbide industry has enabled the efficient use of calcium carbide furnace tail gas, which has greatly promoted the sustainable development of China's calcium carbide industry.

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